AFRIKZONES IMPORT & EXPORT TRADING COMPANY was founded with the goal to be a reliable partner in international trading. We are professional experts in importing and exporting with a diversified trading portfolio of over 15 years of rapid growth, supplying and exporting various products worldwide, AFRIKZONES provides reliable import & export services in all aspects of logistics to meet international standards.

AFRIKZONES offers a unique, bespoke service to suit your specific needs. We work closely with manufacturers, and distributors in order to offer a wide range of products which enables us to mould our services to meet our clients’ needs.

We established cooperation with experienced professionals in their respective fields in effort to provide the highest quality of products, ensure timely deliveries and maintain customer loyalty.

We have the experience and knowledge as well as wide network business relationships with many companies and factories in Turkey and China. We also have presence in most of East African countries including Djibouti, Somalia, Somaliland, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.


  • Becoming a reliable and professional company in the fields of export import and distribution. To be Globally Recognizable import-export company that put quality, service and values as priority to satisfy the needs of our customers, employees and stakeholders.
  • To be the bridge to connect between suppliers and buyers in local and international.


  • SERVICE: We believe that customer satisfaction is a key to business success. We understand that knowing your customers and their needs will help providing them with the best product and services. We also, believe that providing excellent customer service, makes our customers feel values, and assure them that we stand behind our products.
  • INTEGRITY: Our core values and beliefs are focused on the respect we have for our customers and employees. We also believe that the respect of the public and the environment is very important for our development and growth.
  • QUALITY: our main goal is to make sure that our customers get the best available products and services on the market. We believe that providing quality products and services will create a mutual trust between our company and our valued customers.